Space Patrol: SAP 217

28 Aug 2014

SAP 217 is typical of Sector Administration Posts, centrally located space stations that house the sector’s government services. While SAPs primarily function as trade and communications hubs, each also houses an office of Patrol administrators who coordinate the ships and personnel assigned to their sector. When a Patrol officer requests assistance (a benefit of Rank), they generally go through the local SAP.

Here are statistics for SAP 217 in the GURPS City Stats format.

SAP 217, current year

Population: 3,500 (Search -1)

Physical Environment

Terrain: Sealed (Orbital)

Appearance: Attractive (+1); Hygiene: +2

Culture and Economy

Language: Standard; Literacy: Native

TL: 11^

Wealth: Comfortable (x2); Status: -1 to 4

Political Environment

Government: Representative Democracy (Colony)

CR: 3 (Corruption -1)

Military Resources: $1.134M; Defense Bonus: +4


CR is 4 where it concerns public health and the environment, 2 for information access and reproductive choice.

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