Sales Numbers for April


For April 2017, I offered PDFs, POD books, and POD cards for sale through OneBookShelf: DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, DriveThruCards, etc. This was actually a fairly strong month. In total, I sold 22 units last month, but that included several card products and Fragments issues, bringing revenue up slightly for the month. My total earnings came to $27.74.

Fragments, Volume 1, #2: 3 PDF
Fragments, Volume 1, #3: 1 PDF
Interstellar Patrol: 7 PDF
Interstellar Patrol Adventure Cards: 1 Card/PDF combo, 1 PDF
It’s Element-ary!: 1 PDF
Rituals and Convergences: 3 PDF
Situation Aspect Cards: 1 Card/PDF combo, 3 Print-and-Play PDF
The Model: 1 PDF

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