Eidol Summoning, Part 2

Two Sample Eidols.
26 Nov 2018

Some of the earliest eidols that many practitioners learn to summon are counterparts to mundane creatures drawn from various Otherworlds. Here are two such example eidols.


This large falcon is used by otherworldly knights for hunting. Summoners who bond with a feyhawk often use rare cuts of meat in their summoning rituals.

ST 6 DX 13 IQ 6 HT 10
HP 8 Will 8 Per 12 FP 10
SM -3 Speed 5.75 Move 2 Dodge 9 Parry 10

Beak (15): 1d-5 pi+.

Claws (15): 1d-5 cut.

Traits: Acute Vision 3; Domestic Animal; Eidol; Enhanced Move 1 (Air Speed 20); Flight (Winged; Air Move 10); No Fine Manipulators; Sharp Beak; Sharp Claws.

Skills: Brawling-15.

Notes: 75-point Ally.


The firecat is just that: a 4’ feline shape composed of animated elemental fire. It makes an excellent guard, though the fact that it burns as bright as a torch makes stealth less than feasible. While it cannot speak, the firecat can understand spoken commands, including those of any companions its summoner orders it to follow.

ST 6 DX 11 IQ 6 HT 10
HP 8 Will 6 Per 12 FP 10
SM -1 Speed 5.25 Move 5 Dodge 8.

Claws (11): 1d-5 cut plus 2d burn.

Traits: Burning Attack 2d (Always On; Aura; Melee Attack, Range C); Doesn’t Breathe (Oxygen Combustion); Doesn’t Eat or Drink; Doesn’t Sleep; Domestic Animal; Eidol; Immunity to Metabolic Hazards; Injury Tolerance (Diffuse); Quadruped; Sharp Claws; Weakness (Water, 1d/min.).

Notes: Sheds light like a torch. DR 10 vs. heat/fire. 150-point Ally.

Domestic Animal: Cannot Speak; Hidebound; Social Stigma (Valuable Property); and Taboo Trait (Fixed IQ).

Quadruped: Extra Legs (Four Legs); Horizontal; and No Fine Manipulators.

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