#AprilTTRPGMaker 2019: Week 1

Apr 6, 2019
📕 3 min.

Kira Magrann is spearheading the #AprilTTRPGMaker hashtag on Twitter, encouraging everyone who makes stuff for tabletop RPGs of all kinds to share their work, their process, their experiences all month long. I'm taking part, and I thought I'd briefly expand upon my tweet-length responses in a blog series.

1. Introduce yourself!

This one doesn't really need any more explanation.

2. Describe your work.

Obviously, if you're here, you've found my site. You can check out my various freelance projects at the Freelance Work page.

3. Key to your making process?

Soooo much this. I actually just turned something in ahead of my deadline. It felt pretty good.

4. Favorite type of game scenario?

I've talked a little before about the kind of play I call "tactical." It doesn't exactly match what I think most people mean with the term. The gist is that in tactical play, you gather information about the situation, create a plan, put the plan into action, see how things change, and repeat. Maybe I'll do a post about it someday.

5. Character or worldbuilding?

This question didn't really give me much to work with, but I do believe that worldbuilding is more interesting and requires more work that creating characters.

6. Long or short ttrpg texts?

I think both my previous answers to this thread as well as the bulk of my work bears this out. There are a number of short RPGs that I really love, though. I also think that the same game can be served well in both long and short form: see Fate Core vs. Fate Accelerated Edition, or GURPS Basic Set vs. GURPS Lite, for examples.