#AprilTTRPGMaker 2019: Week 3

Apr 21, 2019
📕 2 min.

Getting back on schedule with week 3. Since I went late last week, this one is a bit shorter. In addition, the questions this week did not lend themselves well to further discussion, so the actual commentary here is sparse. (It doesn't help that I sat an entire day out for reasons.)

17. How does your identity influence your work?

Certainly various mental health and neurological factors weigh heavily in my ability to make stuff, but I don't really consider them part of my identity in the way I think this question means. So I decide to sit this day out.

18. What are some underlying messages in your work?

I think this question and the next go hand in hand.

19. Favorite themes to explore?

But I like the idea of theme a lot more than "messages."

20. A game you want to make you think no one would play?

There are certainly games I'd like to run that I would have to look very hard to find players for, and they would certainly have to be played online.

21. What external factors do you struggle with to create?

This is by far the number one issue I run into when trying to make things for public consumption. Art is so important to game texts, and unless you're making something that can use modern photographs as illustration, you don't have a lot of options for free or public domain art.