#AprilTTRPGMaker 2019: Finale

May 1, 2019
📕 4 min.

April has ended, and with it #AprilTTRPGMaker. A lot of the questions here at the end of the month were difficult to answer. I can say that I'm glad I took part in this event, but it was clearly written from a point of view that I don't entirely mesh with. Anyway, here are my final answers from the last week or so.

22. How are you working to improve the ttrpg community?

I love helping people find and learn new games. The only way the industry can grow is if we are constantly introducing new folks to the fun and wonder of RPGs.

23. Mentoring/being mentored by?

It's great to share your growing knowledge with other creators, and I've picked up a lot of tricks and tips from other folks. However, I've never been involved in a formal mentorship.

24. Favorite rpg thing to create?

Another project that came as this kind of surprise was Interstellar Patrol. I put it together almost overnight, fueled by a bout of insomnia, and it includes a number of lines and features I probably never would have written intentionally otherwise.

25. A rad diversity consultant?

There are so many folks doing great work to make gaming more inclusive and safer for so many who have been consistently left out in the past. I wish I was more tuned into that and could have pointed them out.

26. Favorite online community?

A lot of the time, Twitter is a flaming cesspool. But it still has a lot of good going on in it, including things like this hashtag.

27. How do you market your work?

Oviously, this site is part of my marketing efforts. You can judge for yourself how good I am at it.

28. What tools help you create?

I create nothingventuregames.com using a tool called Jekyll. It's a static site generator built in Ruby that takes plain-text Markdown files and templates with embedded Liquid code and turns them into a website. I've been using it for a few years, and I really enjoy the control and flexibility it gives me.

I've been teaching myself CSS over the last year as well. Understanding the technology has sparked my creativity a great deal as I can better imagine how the work can be presented.

I just learned that Shadowrun Sixth Edition will be coming out around Gen Con. I'm interested to see if any other classic games get updates this year.

30. If you were in charge of the ttrpg industry, what would you change?

Thankfully, I'm not in charge of the industry. Because clearly, I don't know jack about business.