Space Patrol: Jordan-class Patrol Ship

Dec 4, 2014
📕 2 min.

The player characters in a Space Patrol game are the crew of a small Jordan-class Patrol ship designed to respond quickly and equipped to handle anything from transporting prisoners to chasing off minor pirate activity.

Jordan-class Patrol Ship (TL11^)

The Jordan-class is the standard first responder craft of the Space Patrol. It carries a small crew, all trained in investigative techniques. The ship has a streamlined winged SM+7 hull, allowing it to land on and take off from nearly any world. The Jordan-class is equipped to hold up to 8 prisoners for transport to a capital ship or outpost.

Front Hull

[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 15)

[2] FTL Multipurpose Multiscanner Array (comm/sensor 9)

[3] Control Room (3 control stations, complexity 8, comm/sensor 7)

[4!] Weapon Battery, Secondary (6 fixed-mounted 10MJ improved particle beams, 6 tons cargo)

[5-6] Habitat (1 cabin, 2-bed sickbay)

Central Hull

[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 15)

[2-5] Habitat (3 cabins, 2 cells)

[6!] Weapon Battery, Medium (turret-mounted 30MJ improved particle beam; turret-mounted 30MJ tractor beam; turret-mounted 24cm warp missile launcher, 10 shots)

[core!] Heavy Force Screen (dDR 50, adjustable)

Rear Hull

[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 15)

[2] Engine Room (1 workspace)

[3] Cargo Bay (15 tons)

[4-5!] Hot Reactionless Engines (4G acceleration)

[6!] Stardrive Engine (FTL-1 warp drive)

[core] Power Plant, Antimatter Reactor (provides 4 Power Points for 20 years)

Ship has artificial gravity and gravitic compensators. Typical crew is a pilot, a navigator, a sensor operator, an engineer, a medic, and a gunner. The pilot and sensor operator may double as gunners when necessary. Cabins have full life-support; prisoners are fed from cargo.

TL Name dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Cost
11^ Jordan-class Patrol Ship 50 -1/5 13 4G/c 300 21 +7 16ASV 15 $45M

Air performance is Move 40/2,500 and Hnd/SR +4/6; maximum air speed is 5,000 mph. Stardrive Engine is a warp engine that functions at 1 parsec/day. Force Screen provides an additional dDR 50 and is adjustable; dDR can be doubled for an extra Power Point.