Space Patrol Psi

Jan 15, 2015
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50 points

You possess mental abilities that set you apart from other humans. You use these powers in service to the Patrol, but there are legal restrictions. For example, mind reading is illegal without a warrant. Any form of compulsion or mind control is illegal except in moments of extreme danger to the officer or civilians.

Psionics is an emerging field of study. You may be one of the leading experts on the subject in most sectors. The fact that psi is little understood means that suspects will underestimate you. Use this to your advantage as much as you use your actual abilities.

Advantages: Unusual Background (Psi) [10]. • Two levels of Psionic Talents from the available powers [10]. • Choose a 25-point package from GURPS Psis in one of the available powers. • One psionic perk from Psionic Powers in a power you have.

Skills: Expert Skill (Psionics) (H) IQ [4].

Customization Notes

Like the Alien, the Psi allows for near-infinite variations. Enumerating the many types of possible psis is beyond the scope of this document. See Psionic Powers and especially Psis for a detailed look at such characters.