I am a professional Game Master with over 20 years experience running games for diverse groups in stores, at conventions, and online, and I’m available to run games for you. Currently, I am offering the following prepared session packages:

If there’s another specific game you want to play, chances are good I can run it for you ad hoc. Contact me at ham2anv@gmail.com and we can discuss it.

I can accomodate up to five (5) players at a time, and games are available in blocks of up to two (2) hours. A session can be two consecutive blocks, for a total of up to four (4) hours, but you can book blocks over multiple sessions as scheduling allows.

My rates start at $100/block, though this may vary by game in the future. Games are conducted over conference call software (Google Meet or an alternative, video optional) and may use a virtual tabletop (Roll20 or Owlbear Rodeo) as necessary. The player booking the session is my single point of contact, and they are responsible for coordinating information with all other players.

Safety & Content

I work hard to make my games safe and fun for everyone. To this end, I use the Script Change toolkit designed by Beau Jágr Sheldon to emphasise safety and to moderate content. Each game will begin with a brief discussion of content, including what you don’t want to see (squicks and icks) and what you do want to see (picks).

I reserve the right to cancel a session at any time if a player is abusive or unduly disrupts the game, or to remove the offending player if the rest of the group agrees. Please don’t be a jerk. I will do my best not to be one to you.