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The last few years have seen a resurgence of the “kids in small towns encounter weird stuff” subgenre. A lot of this revival is driven by nostalgia for the 1980s, as with television series like Stranger Things and games like Kids on Bikes and Tales from the Loop. In many ways, this type of story is perfect for a pared-down rules system like GURPS Lite.

In its role as a Generic and Universal system, GURPS facilitates multi-world campaigns, where the same characters may travel from a magical fantasy world one week to a gritty spacefaring setting the next. GURPS Lite lets you run this style of game by including the Jumper advantage. Characters with this ability can travel between parallel worlds without any special equipment or ritual.

For most, roleplaying games are a vehicle for fantastical adventures, and GURPS is a fine engine for those kinds of stories. But it could not hope to be a generic, universal system if it couldn’t also handle the more personal tales of people feuding and falling in love.

The survival horror scenario of ordinary people trying to escape a horde of shambling undead is very popular these days. You might be happy to know that GURPS Lite can handle it pretty well, with a few clarifications.

In this campaign frame, players take the roles of Merry Men, followers of the outlaw Robin of Sherwood. As the campaign begins, the PCs receive word that Robin has been captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham and will be hanged. It is up to the Merry Men to rescue him.

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