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Brie Beau Sheldon has put together a neat promotion over in itch.io, and I’ve decided to participate. The 69 More RPGs event is what Itch calls a “reverse sale,” where you temporarily increase the price of your game rather than discounting it. In this case, folks are bumping up their prices by 69%, with the hope of getting 69 creators involved to help showcase all of the great indie RPG work that’s available over on Itch.

Eric Nostrum was just minding his own business, working in the Outfit’s warehouse drug lab, when a bunch of costumed freaks busted in. One of three workers charged with defending the lab in just such an event, Nostrum took a dose of an experimental combat drug designed to give anyone powers for a short time.

Incite Mutation

10 May 2017

This is a sample Wild Talents power originally designed for Greg Stolze’s delightfully weird Progenitor setting. It was intended to be the entire power set for a Tier 4 character.

Whether it’s the Xavier School for the Gifted, the Justice League’s Watchtower, or the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building, many superhero teams have a base to call home. These rules present a way to model such a base as a power theme using the system for super-powers from Venture City, available for free at faterpg.com or fate-srd.com.

The nominees for the 2016 Ennie Awards have been announced, and It’s Element-ary! has been nominated for Best Family Game. It’s in extremely august company—being held up against No Thank You, Evil! and War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus, for starters—so I can honestly say it’s an honor just to be nominated.

This week, I released Super Power Cards for Fate Core. This deck of cards includes each of the powers and power themes from the Fate Core super-power rules (first presented in Venture City) on its own card for you to reference in play. You can get them as a Print-and-Play PDF, as PoD premium cards, or as a bundle with both cards and PDF.

It’s Element-ary! is now available as a 6”x9” color softcover through DriveThruRPG! You can also get a Print+PDF bundle. Get your Saturday morning supers action right now!

On Friday, April 1, I released It’s Element-ary! on DriveThruRPG (honest). this 30-page supplement presents your favorite forgotten Saturday morning superhero cartoon. It includes a number of fully statted superheroes and supervillains for Fate Core, using the super-power rules from Venture City Stories.

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