• It's Element-ary! Now In Print

    It’s Element-ary! is now available as a 6”x9” color softcover through DriveThruRPG! You can also get a Print+PDF bundle. Get your Saturday morning supers action right now!

  • It's Element-ary! Released

    On Friday, April 1, I released It’s Element-ary! on DriveThruRPG (honest). this 30-page supplement presents your favorite forgotten Saturday morning superhero cartoon. It includes a number of fully statted superheroes and supervillains for Fate Core, using the super-power rules from Venture City Stories.

  • Welcome to the new site!

    Welcome to the newly redesigned Nothing Ventured Games web site. With this version, I’ve added some responsive design that should make the site look better on phones and tablets. Also, I have a new system in place behind this news page that should make it easier for me to update it more frequently.

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