Space Patrol: Nomad-class Scout Vessel

Jan 29, 2015
📕 2 min.

Nomad-class Scout Vessel (TL11^)

The Nomad-class is designed for short tours of a few weeks to a few months in uncharted space. Its winged streamlined SM+6 hull features an advanced multiscanner array and FTL comms, a tractor beam, and cabins for eight crew. Offensive systems are limited to a particle cannon and a missile launcher loaded with sensor drones. For defense, the Nomad-class relies on an adjustable light force screen.

Typical mission profiles have the Nomad-class visiting one or two star systems, mapping them in broad strokes and conducting primary investigation of any anomalies. The ship’s limited cargo space is reserved for samples, although it is not equipped to transport live biologicals.

Front Hull

[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 10)

[2] FTL Multiscanner Science Array (comm/sensor 8)

[3] Control Room (Complexity 8, comm/sensor 6, 2 stations)

[4-6] Habitat (3 cabins)

Central Hull

[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 10)

[2] Major Weapon Battery (Turret-mounted 24cm missile launcher, 10 shots)

[3!] Medium Weapon Battery (Turret-mounted 10MJ improved particle beam, turret-mounted 10 MJ tractor beam, 1.5 tons cargo)

[4-5] Habitat (Cabin, 1-bed sickbay)

[6] Cargo Hold (5 tons)

[core!] Light Force Screen (dDR 30, adjustable)

Rear Hull

[1] Armor, Diamondoid (dDR 10)

[2] Engine Room (1 workspace)

[3-4] Cargo Hold (10 tons)

[5!] Hot Reactionless Engine (2G acceleration)

[6!] Stardrive Engine (FTL-1)

[core] Antimatter Reactor (provides 3 Power Points for 25 years)

The ship has artificial gravity and gravitic compensators. Personnel include a pilot, a co-pilot, a medic, and an engineering technician. The ship can carry 4 additional passengers if everyone doubles up in cabins.

TL Name dST/HP Hnd/SR HT Move LWt. Load SM Occ dDR Cost
11^ Nomad-class Scout Vessel 30 0/4 13 2G/c 100 18.1 +6 8ASV 10 $21.93M

Air performance is Move 20/1,750 and Hnd/SR +4/5; maximum air speed is 2,500 mph. Stardrive Engine is a warp engine that functions at 1 parsec/day. Force Screen provides an additional dDR 30 and is adjustable.